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This site is about preventing and treating Injuries sustained doing CrossFit and other sports of fitness programs (P90X, Insanity, Ninja Warrior, TRX, etc).  There are a lot of injuries, but like anything, it’s not the program which is to blame, it’s how it is executed.

CrossFit has been defined as ‘constantly varied funcitonal movements performed a high intensity.’ It is often done through varied modalities under time constraints. This strength and condition program combines cardio-respiratory endurance exercise with gymnastics and Olympic type weight lifting. 

Some of the most elite athletes in the world (who can afford the high gym fees) drop out of the CrossFit Games championships each year because of injury. But many CrossFitters are not injured.  Many participants in other sports and fitness get injured as well. Injury is a part of sport.  CrossFit’s widespread appeal and rapid adoption are putting some people who don’t have the restraint to do it gradually (including me sometimes) in an ultra-competitive environment where improper form,  improper awareness of one’s body limitations, and improper coaching, can lead to injury.

CrossFit is scalable.  The clumsy, the powerful, the old, the young etc, can Modify (mod) the workout of the day (wod).  Learning how to Mod your WOD is a skill and one that should be emphasized.  Ultimately, it’s your responsibility to know and define YOUR limits and push them with your health and safety in mind.  Getting caught up in the numbers on the white board will get you into my office in a hurry.

Feel free to comment your thoughts, likes and dislikes.  As always, keep it clean and productive.

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dr jon hyman

Jon Hyman, M.D.

Dr. Hyman is a Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon and Sports Medicine Expert who concentrates on helping his patients understand their problem and get the results they want. Understanding the problem from the patient's perspective, how it impacts their life, their family, their sports/jobs and goals is his primary concern.

Aside from surgical and technical expertise, he has a reputation of providing thorough second opinion evaluations. He seeks to answer all your questions and teach you about things you may not have known to ask, so you leave feeling informed, re-assured and satisfied. Knee, Hip and Shoulder surgery and non-surgical options generally, are his specialty.

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