X-Ray Library Patella

This section is intended to give you a little more detail about what your particular problem or injury looks like radiographically (by xray images).

The images on this page represent normal patellar (knee cap) anatomy as well as xrays of knees with chondromalacia (thin and softening cartilage) and Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD). Some images show what the knee cap looks like if it 'pops' out of place (which is called subluxating/slipping or dislocating). There are a few images which demonstrate how some of these problems can be fixed.

image Neutral position
Neutral position
image Subluxated or tilted
Subluxated or tilted
image Full dislocation
Full dislocation
image Xray Position
Xray Position


image thick cartilage space
thick cartilage space
image thin space and bone spurs
thin space and bone spurs
image tilted alignments on top
tilted alignments on top
image lateral tilting
lateral tilting
image before / after lateral release
before / after lateral release
image at risk for slipping out <br>/ subluxating
at risk for slipping out
/ subluxating


image Fixed with a wire
Fixed with a wire
image Fixed with screws
Fixed with screws
image Fixed with Pins and wire <br>(tension band)
Fixed with Pins and wire


image Patella Fracture Patterns
Patella Fracture Patterns
image lateral release medial  repair
lateral release medial repair
image tibial tubercle transfer
tibial tubercle transfer

Less than a year after having my rotator cuff repaired by Dr. Hyman my shoulder is better than the one that wasn't injured. The recovery time was so fast my wife thinks I have some kind of super healing power.
- HJ