FAQ: Driving After Surgery How soon can you drive?

FAQ: Driving After Surgery

Typically, one would have difficulty driving for about 2-3 weeks, though you might be able to drive short distances within a week after surgery. It all depends on pain, swelling, stiffness, type of car, side of surgery: right vs. left, etc. Most patients do NOT drive AT LEAST until after their first postoperative visit (7-10 days after surgery). Even then, caution should be exercised, especially if you are on pain medication or if mobility is limited.

  • Reflexes and coordination are often somewhat impaired for several weeks after surgery, so care should be taken to drive slowly, with extra distance between cars, etc.
  • Most people are able to resume relatively 'normal' driving about six weeks after surgery.
  • You must regain adequate muscle control for braking and accelerating before you try to drive.
  • Contact your auto insurance company to see if they have any additional restrictions/exclusion clauses on driving after surgery.

Please read this BBC News article: Patients Warned Over Driving After Surgery

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I thought surgery and rehab were going to be a miserable experience, but neither was too bad. Thanks again.

– DL